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Web Development with Swift!

There are many ways, IDEs and text editor in market for web development. Each have unique features and use. But in the end, there is a time consuming part. Each time and each line when developer updates, he needs to maximize browser and refresh. This is time consuming. SneakPreview solves the above problem by providing two features to user listed below in the software package.
Periodic Refresh
Refreshing browser time to time operating at user define time period.
Sneak Search
Refresh browser whenever user changes something in file.


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In settings, we have to define directive of the file location.

SneakPreview is stand alone software and does not depands on any editor. You can utilize any text editor with Sneakpreview.

It is user defined. Default value is 5 seconds.

It is tested on WINDOWS 10. In future, it will be compatible with Linux, MACOS as well.

Similar to any web browser, we need to enter URL. It will take the rest for refreshing.

Yes. For local files stored in drive. We just need to enter file location. For localhost url i.e. for php server, just enter localhost url as do in browser.