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PlotEasy is a serial monitoring tool with flexibility to connect any microcontroller without any special need of coding. It provides real time monitoring on any web browser for any kind of microcontroller and unlike any other similar tools, PlotEasy acts as server and the display can be accessed with any device browsers that is connected via local network. PlotEasy has dynamic graphics and easily fits to any screen whether it is accessed through PC, mobile or tablet.

Easy to connect any MC
PlotEasy is compatible with any microcotroller. The package contain libraries that can easily be embedded with the C program with no specical need to create any program for processing serial data.

Easy display sharing through local network
Share and monitor display from any device connected through local network. PlotEasy configures everything. Just add in IP address to your device and start monitoring.

Dynamic and responsive display
GUI display is responsive and can be viewed on any screen and device browser including laptop, PC, smart phone and tablets.

Easy to use | 4-Steps
1- Import PlotEasy Library to the C project.
2- Upload program to microcontroller.
3- Cofigure plot Easy
4- Start monitoring.

1- Monitor project remotely.
2- Track a project through multiple devices.
3- Getting trend of underdeveloping project.
4- Diagnose a project behaviour in real time.
5- So on...

Download PlotEasy latest version from Here for free.

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